Nature’s Symphony, a Chorus of Harmony

It brings peace to the soul, a soothing melody with elegance. The sun shines brightly, an uplifting light. Nature's beauty calms the heart, an eternal delight. A moment to remember, a moment of joy. It's a moment to savor, a moment of peace. A moment to be thankful for, a moment of serenity. A moment of pure happiness.

The motifs we selected are to embrace the beauty of nature, the sun, the water and the land and all of its creation, a reminder of our own connection to the environment that sustains us.

Maya Wing Chair

Galena Azure Accent Chair

Linden Sunburst Folding Screen

The Maya Wing Chair elegantly combines classic design with a contemporary twist, capturing the allure of the jungle's untamed beauty. Embodying comfort and sophistication, the chair's wingback shape exudes a touch of grandeur, while its modern infusion pays homage to the wild. Crafted with the finest upholstery fabric, it replicates the iconic black and white stripes of a zebra's coat, each stripe meticulously woven to create a textured depth. The chair's back mirrors the curve of a zebra's neck, and its wings provide a sense of seclusion—a cozy haven within the urban jungle, honoring both tradition and nature's splendor.

The Galena Azure Accent Chair is a unique and inviting piece of furniture designed to provide comfort and relaxation. Inspired by ocean waves and seashells, the chair features a rounded shape that embraces its occupant. Its backrest mimics the graceful arch of a wave, while its armrests resemble seashells. The fabric of the chair combines the tranquility of ocean waters with the liveliness of sea foam, and it is textured to resemble water ripples, adding depth to its look. The chair is further enhanced by gold accents that sparkle like sunlight on water, emphasizing its elegance.


The Linden Sunburst Folding Screen pays tribute to the sun's radiant brilliance and the intricate charm of plant life. Comprising three panels, each adorned with a sunburst pattern, the screen's elegant curvature at the top mirrors the graceful branches of trees reaching skyward. The fabric, a warm and sunny yellow, embodies optimism and vitality, while its textured appearance evokes the play of sunlight through leaves. The screen's botanical motif weaves together delicate plant elements-leaves, tendrils, and blooms-with a refined grace that honors the beauty of nature's craftsmanship.

Oliver Boucle Dream Sofa

The Bouclé Dream Sofa captivated people with its contemporary design and the emotional resonance it sparked. It’s motifs prompted discussions on nature, creativity, and the emotional power of design. As it found its way into homes, offices, and exhibitions globally, the sofa served as a reminder that amidst the modern pace of life, there's space for nostalgia and the enduring beauty of nature, all encapsulated in a motif on a bouclé cushion, symbolizing the timeless connection between past and present.

Sebastian Accent Chair

The Sebastian Accent Chair is a fusion of style, comfort, and dynamic energy. With its modern and sleek silhouette, featuring a balanced mix of curves and lines, the chair embodies both aesthetics and relaxation. Isabella's choice of a warm orange fabric reflects enthusiasm and vitality, while hints of gold threading evoke opulence akin to sunlight. The chair's soft and inviting texture assures comfort and coziness, making it a harmonious masterpiece of design.

Moline Ottoman

The Moline Ottoman exudes comfort and elegance, marrying minimalist structure with practicality. Adorned in cream bouclé fabric, it embraces like a luxurious cocoon, radiating warmth and tranquility akin to dawn's gentle glow. The addition of white and blue cushions brings a whimsical touch, reminiscent of clouds against a clear sky, paying homage to the creator's inspiration. White signifies purity, while blue mirrors the serenity of open skies, completing the ottoman's inviting aesthetic.

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